10 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow For A Lit Timeline

Posted on March 12 2018 , at 11:20 am
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As hard as it may be to believe, there are still some Nigerians who are still not on Twitter. While this may come as a surprise to die-hard fans of Nigerian Twitter, it is a reality for many who still don’t get a hang of the app and its culture.

If you are one of those people who still see Twitter as a mystery but would really like to be a part of it, then this list is for you.

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Here are ten accounts that you should follow that will help you ease into the culture.

10.  @ThePamilerin

Even if you’re not on Twitter, there’s a chance that you’ve probably come across one of Pamilerin’s viral tweets. With 53.7k followers, Pam Pam’s digital marketing page is not only filled with memes but also with information about major events happening in Lagos. If you are based in Las Gidi, you might want to give everyone’s favorite noisemaker a try.

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9. @Dipo_Smart

While you can count on Pamilerin to bring the hottest Lagos events to your Twitter feed, those of you in Abuja can count on Dipo to let you know what the wave in Abuja is. Apart from the usual memes and funny Twitter posts, Dipo also does a lot of political and sports posts. So if you want little sports and politics on your feed, The Sherlock of P.R. is your guy.

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8. @234star

Ladies, this is the Twitter page for you. From fashion tips to cute wedding clips, this page has all the bubble and sparkle that your timeline needs to glow up. The stories that are shared on the platform are sure to capture the attention of any sister trying to navigate this ‘mysterious’ Twittersphere.

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7. @SympLySimi

Possibly one of the most relatable accounts on Twitter belongs to everyone’s favourite singer/songwriter, Simi. She tweets everything you’re probably thinking and features a sassy clap back on the feed every now and again. She’ll quickly become one of your blue birds favourite and we are willing to put money on that.

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6. @DoctorKanayo

Need inspiring and motivational posts on your feed? Need posts that will educate you but not bore you? Then Doctor Kanayo is the girl for you. She also shares fashion and beauty tips for all our ladies out there. Kanayo is also a Christian which is great for you if you are a believer. All in all, a great page for both men and women.

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5. @I_pissVodka

If you called Mazi Ibe king of the viral tweet, some people may fight you but they won’t be many. For the days when you need a good laugh, when you want a weird perspective to what is trending or you simply want to join a conversation online, Ibe’s Twitter page will not fall your hand…ever.

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4. @NewsroomDaily

You are a serious person. You don’t care about viral tweets and memes or jokes. You want hard news and you want to know whats going on around Nigeria. If I just described you, Newsroom is for you Mr. Serious. For all news Nigerian: weird and unbelievable, this is the page to follow by far.

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3. @Ebuka

It would be an error to have a list of accounts that help one ease into the Twitter experience without mentioning Ebuka’s. When he’s not slaying or hosting every single show on television, Ebuka is tweeting like that chill friend you know. He’s a guy’s guy so the fellas can follow him and expect to see things that they can relate to. The ladies can follow him too because let’s face it, Ebuka is a fine boy and which girl doesn’t want a fine boy to bless her timeline.

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2. @SubDeliveryZone

If you want to join Twitter for the love of bants, clap backs, unbelievable stories and controversial trends, then look no further. You have reached your destination. This page specializes in delivering risqué subliminal messages while concealing the identity of the sender. It’s a fun page where you can usually get a backstory to most of the trending conversations on Twitter. Think this is your cup of tea? Well, what are you waiting for? Go get some sugar and follow!


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