This NFL Star Underwent A Vasectomy Because He Had 11 Children And Now He Just Welcomed Baby Number 14!

Posted on September 08 2017 , at 10:40 pm
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  • At 33 years old, Antonio Cromartie has fourteen children with eight different women.

Normally a vasectomy is supposed to prevent men from being able to impregnate a woman ever again- it has a 99.9% success rate. But for American football player Antonio Cromartie, it looks like that is a 99.9% chance that his vasectomy did not work: after fathering eleven children in the last 12 years, the 33 year old has welcome his 14th child, the third since his so called vasectomy.

Antonio and Terrika with their first five children together.

Before getting married to his wife Terrika, Cromartie already had eight children with seven different woman. By the time Terrika had the third child, the couple decided that snipping him was the best option. He has had three more since then.

Baby Number 14 in the oven.

Although with a net worth of $10 million, he has no concerns taking care of his ‘Fuji family of commotion’; the fact that he can still have children after undergoing the procedure is baffling.

A vasectomy is a a procedure where the a man’s vans deferens, the tube which carries sperm to the penis- is cut off so that the man is unable to produce sperm to fertilize a woman’s eggs.

A urologist who spoke to Dailymail says it could have happened if the tubes just repaired themselves and restored the connection.

‘When we do vasectomies we always tell the patients that the tubes may just reconnect. It’s not something you can really control; it’s about how your body heals internally’,¬†says Dr. Brambatt.

Cromartie’s brood is now enough to complete a football team and three substitute players. His ‘feat’ has earned him a reality show that will debut in November.

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