#BBNaija 2018: My Experience In The Big Brother Naija Part 2

Posted on February 02 2018 , at 05:24 pm
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Lolu leans forward, I put the onions he sliced into the pot of stew. In my mind, I’m hoping Nina and Miracle do not bring their lazy selves into the kitchen because I don’t want Lolu’s strong hands off me “Gift, I want us to make this work when I’m out of the house. I like you a lot, I am crazy about your personality and I think we will make a strong team.” I smile flirtatiously. “I think so too. I like the fact that you are hardworking and smart”. I love IT guys, but I won’t mind an investment manager.  I turn the stew, Lolu’s arms are still around my waist.

I remember that the pairing game is coming soon. I do not know what Big Brother has for us; I do not know his plan either. I just hope it will favour me and my husband Lolu. “I hope we pick each other during the pairing game,” he says. “I hope so too”.  Anto, the basketball girl enters the kitchen. She acts surprised, who wouldn’t be with the way Lolu did not want to let go of me?

“Your stew smells nice Gift,’ she says. I nod smilingly.

The stew is ready and we eat together. Now we are serving couple goals in the house as we start to talk about our lives. Lolu is a graduate of UniIlorin and I am a graduate of the University Of Nigeria, Nsukka. While we are having this conversation, my head is on his laps. My husband is closer to me now than ever. He tells me what he likes and that includes me his wife. I say same too, but I do not call him my husband to his face.  Nina is crying because of Miracle and Bitto, the fatherly figure is consoling her. Miracle is less concerned and is discussing loudly with Ahneeka.  Khloe is noisy, very noisy. She is making my head that is resting gently on Lolu’s laps ache. I can’t complain because Lolu’s laps are my painkiller.

The pairing game is here. Big Brother asks the girls to pick a number, we all do. Big Brother says the girls should line up according to their numbers, the girls with higher numbers should be behind, we do too. Big Brother says the ladies should pick any guy of their choice. Ahneeka is first. She picks Dee One and he rejects her. That makes my heart bleed. I know I am going to pick my husband Lolu, but I pray he does not reject me.

Cee.C picks Tobi, Anto is next. She walks majestically and she picks Lolu, my Lolu, my own husband? I fall on the floor. Big brother calls me. “Gift, will you step forward and pick a housemate”. I say nothing, I am on the floor. Housemate bawo? Which housemate? Did he not see when Anto picked my husband? Why is he telling me to pick a housemate? Shay Anto know Nina is crying because of Miracle? Why didn’t this basketball girl pick him now?

Big Brother calls me again “Gift, will you step forward and pick a housemate…”

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