Is The Ekiti Airport Really Necessary?

Posted on May 14 2019 , at 01:07 pm
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  • The government of Ekiti is about to start building the Ekiti Airport and it makes us wonder why this is important.

Since Governor Ayo Fayose was governor in Ekiti State, the state administration has been trying to start the Ekiti Airport Project. Fayose actually started the project and had issues with the lands they had acquired which led to the suspension of the project in 2015.

However, the project is about to be continued by Dr Kayode Fayemi and the big question is “Is the Ekiti airport just for show?” The question on everyone’s lips is “how important is the Ekiti airport in the grand scheme of things?” The state that is known to be a ‘civil-service’ state in terms of job opportunities does not need an airport.

Considering that there is an under-utilised airport in Akure that should just be 30 minutes away from Ado Ekiti (if the roads were good) also begs the idea that the Ekiti Airport project is just a vanity project.

In light of the other social issues that the state can solve which includes building better schools, good water and better health care facilities, it seems particularly wasteful to divert a ton of money into an airport they could do without.

The solution to this need for an airport particularly close to them will be to fix the road that leads from the Akure airport into Ado Ekiti. This could be done as a collaboration project between both states and help save a lot of money that can be used to solve other social issues. This will also mean that the Akure Airport may be able to generate more traffic and hence, more revenue.



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