How A Failed Joke And PHCN Nearly Destroyed My Dreams Of Being A Comedian – Slkomedy

Posted on April 13 2018 , at 04:45 pm
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Everyone gets to see the popular Instagram comedian, Slkomedy deliver his weekly sessions of witty jokes, but not everyone knows his grass to grace story.

The comedian in a lengthy Instagram post revealed that his dreams of being one of the biggest comedians in the world nearly came crashing when he was totally humiliated on stage by his viewers who did not find his jokes funny.

He wrote ‘This was year 3 (studying Electrical Engineering) My first stand up comedy performance. It was a show called laugh with Emmaohmagod. I was literally the first thing on the program. Comedians know how difficult that thing can be. The applause was just from four people and they were my friends that came for the show that day. Okay, maybe more but sha e no be ghen ghen applause. I can never forget. This shirt was given to me by my ex-roommate. So I didn’t wear it at all till the show. I got up stage and started cracking jokes I had rehearsed over 100 times with my cousins. My brother, it’s either the microphone was top notch or my heartbeat must have been really loud because you could hear it from the speakers’.

‘I Cracked the first joke. The joke returned to me void. No laugh at all. “Who sent me?” I should have just faced my studies jeje”. As if the first misfortune was not enough, the devil wanted to run for second term on my head. While I was trying to avoid the imminent fiasco, the power went off! “Ye! Ta ni mo se?” (Who did i offend?) Should I just leave and focus on trying to be an electrical engineer? At least I won’t flop but there’s every possibility that it would make me ‘blow’. literally…just like one if the amplifiers blew after the power outage. The engineers were battling to fix it. Maybe it was the sight of the electrical engineers battling to fix it that made me realise that electrical engineering was a no no for me. But right there and then I decided to give it another shot without the microphone. So I shouted “can you all hear me?” And everyone shouted yes!. Then I continued cracking my jokes’.

Cut to 8 minutes later, I got a standing ovation, a round of applause and a bye bye to the life of an engineer. All the odds were stacked against me that day. The weak applause, the failed joke, PHCN, blown amplifier, yet I won. That moment marked the beginning of my career and I’m really grateful to God that I didn’t give in that day.’

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