How To Overthrow Your Boss

Posted on March 02 2018 , at 05:01 pm
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If he or she can be boss, why can’t you? Most of the time while the bosses go by ‘boss’, it is the employees who are the real bosses. We do all the work! If you have any doubts get all the employees at your workplace to disappear on the boss for a day without warning and see for yourself who the boss really is.

Who does the slaving? We! Who gets shouted at when something goes wrong? We! Who do they run to when there is a problem? We! Who has to be at work on time and leave later than the closing hour? We! Who can be fired? We! Who can’t say all these to the face to the boss? We! Who gets the most pay? The boss! Who is called ‘the boss’? The boss! Who gets so bossy and annoying yet we can’t say it to their face? The fucking boss! Ugh!!!

If you want to overthrow the boss and be the boss yourself, here is what to do:

1. Observe your boss

Though bosses can be annoying and overbearing and have a special ability to make you look plain stupid, there are so many things to be learned from them. Take it from me that for them to be the boss of you, there are a lot of things they do differently. Get close them without being an ass kisser and learn what they do and how they do it. What detail do they pay great attention? What do they not take for granted? How have they been able to keep the establishment afloat? What do they keep complaining about? What makes them happy?

Try to learn how they do the things they do and if possible, find out the history of how they got where they are. This doesn’t ask you to go snooping around or stalking them. The long and short of it is that you should learn your boss’ attitude to work.

2. Act like the boss

When you have observed and learnt from them, it is time to act. To be a boss, you have to act like one. Put what you have learnt to practice. Double the energy your boss puts to work. When you want to take a work-related decision, ask yourself what the boss would do were he in your shoes and then surpass it.

Act like you own the place and that comes with a responsibility and doing all you should and then some more. Leave no job undone or stone unturned.

However, there are some things the boss does that you obviously can’t do, like leaving your job for others. being late, etc. Act like a boss in ways healthy for your position

3. Do a better job

Do what you should better. Do not leave room for complaint. Pay great attention to details and constantly look for ways to improve,

Surpass your daily, weekly and annual targets. If there are none, set some for yourselves and always meet it. This is key, great key.

4. Show you are a leader

Prove beyond reasonable doubts that you can lead people. One of the biggest ways to do this is to take responsibility. If you can not be led, how then can you lead others?

Talk less, be more serious, listen more, be exemplary.

5. Look good

Beauty paves way for people. I have always believed this but never written it down until now. Believe it or not, your looks go a long way in determining how people take it.

You want to be the boss? Look the part. Don’t come to work looking like you escaped an earthquake. Don’t appear in work looking like a joke. Nobody will really take you seriously. Do not flout the dressing code either.

You may worry that you are not a fashionable person. This isn’t asking you to go rob Omotola’s wardrobe. This is asking you to put in extra effort to look good.

6. Disassociate from work cliques

You may not know it but most cliques at work will only distract you from your purpose of being there and bring you down. It’s okay to have a good friend but cliques are inadvisable. Have your clique at home, place of worship, wherever but not work.

This could make you say things about the boss or anyone else you shouldn’t and rumours begin, it won’t look good for you. Work clique is different from work team. Work clique are a group of people who you are friends with and associate more with than others. Work team are a group of people who you work with to achieve (a) work goal(s). Know the difference and stick to the latter.

These strategies will take you so far at work that in no time you will become the boss yourself.


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