Kano Is A Stunner! Things We Learnt During the MTN ICT and Business Skills Training, Kano

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Kano is one of the most gorgeous states in Nigeria! It’s something you will never realize until you step your feet into the state. The dryness in the air makes your lungs work a little faster so you are more alert (well, that’s if you aren’t used to it). Why were we in Kano? The MTN Foundation organized a Business and ICT skills training for five hundred youths, in collaboration with its ecosystem partners (IBM, Oracle, KPMG, Digital Bridge Institute (DBI) and Google).


For 7 and 8 November, 2018 we became ‘Kanoites’ and it was cool! Lol! So, let’s tell you what we learnt…

1. Kano is Stunning!



Duh! Have you googled Kano? The stories will make you stare at your screen. So much culture and history. The people are a living breathing testament to that.


  1. People in Kano are warm and inquisitive: It should be an odd combination but it is what makes them so cool. The trainees at the MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills training were open to our questions about the town, the people and everything. (We’re super inquisitive too)
An excited trainee during the training session
  1. Tech is really the future: May be it was the change in environment, the happy people or the crisp smell of determination in the air, but we saw technology in another light. The world is spinning quickly and the only thing that seem to keep up with all the changes is tech. The questions the trainees also asked had us doing a double take. We actually learnt a lot. A lot! Now, we know how to use digital tools to expand any situation, event or business. Instagram is a legit business tool o.
    Trainees working through tasks at the MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training recently

    A trainee presenting during the training session


It was an experience for not just the trainees, but the trainers and us as well. So much to learn and love in two days. The excitement we saw on the trainees’ faces as they listened was beautiful. 

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